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News: Why women pay more in the US (Marie Claire)

womenandpayFrom dry cleaning to haircuts, women often pay more than men due to gender  pricing habits in the United States.

Over the course of an American woman’s lifetime, she’ll pay more than a man for everything, from  health insurance to haircuts, dry cleaning to deodorant.  Though civil rights laws prohibit job and housing discrimination on the basis of  race, gender, or sexual orientation, there’s no federal law banning  discrimination in the sale of goods and services.

While it would be unthinkable to encounter a menu of services that overtly  discriminates on the basis of, say, race — imagine a salon that posted different  prices for blacks and whites–it’s a long-standing practice when it comes to  services that target men and women. “This is a problem that has gone on for many  years,” explains professor John Banzhaf of the George Washington University Law  School.  “Even though it’s well recognized, people sit back and go, ‘Well, that’s just  the way it is.’ And if you compare it with all the problems women face, it’s  certainly not in the top one, three, even five.”

It’s not just dry cleaning and haircuts where women get socked: We pay more for  home mortgages, health insurance, and cars and car repairs (even when we mind  our credit, eat right and exercise, and do our homework), not to mention  everyday items like deodorant and disposable razors. California, which in 1996  became the first state to ban gender pricing, found that women paid about $1,351  annually in extra costs and fees. Apply that figure to the rest of the women in  the country and the total burden is staggering — roughly $151 billion in  markups, more than what the federal government spent on education last year and  greater than the budgets of 43 states.

Last year, the European Union’s top court outlawed all forms of  insurance-related gender pricing, a move that will have profound repercussions  for any European who drives or buys into a health-insurance plan. Yet there’s no  movement in the US to change the law, no marches in Washington or sit-ins at  Congress, no viral Facebook or YouTube campaigns.  And without meaningful legislation that demands equality for men and women at  the cash register, change will have to come one lawsuit at a time. And who goes  to court over a dry-cleaning bill?

For the full story: http://www.marieclaire.com/world-reports/news/why-do-women-pay-more


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