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News: New school adverts tell girls there’s more than “happily ever after” (The Huffington Post)

o-DONT-WAIT-FOR-A-PRINCE-570As much as we love Fairy tales and princess stories, they promote an unrealistic image of life to young girls, but a new school campaign endeavours to tell its students that they are capable of so much more.

Kentucky-based Mercy Academy, an all-girls prep school, has released a series of posters with messages for young girls like “don’t wait for a prince,” “life’s not a fairytale” and “be more than just the fairest of them all.” Instead, the ads maintain that girls should “prepare for real life.”

The damaging aspect of princess culture is that it tells girls that good looks and/or a Prince Charming are all you need to get by in life, so why work hard or set goals? Being a princess is hardly the worst thing in the world, but it’s important to tell girls that they can — and should — be so much more.

Rebecca Cullers at AdWeek praised the campaign: “Let me explain why this is so cool. Is this a new message? No, it’s many decades old. Is it a common message? Sadly, also no. This type of talk is not only still new to a lot of people, it’s particularly timely as the Disney-princess empire continues to expand by dainty leaps and fierce bounds. What’s most remarkable is that a Catholic preparatory school is taking a view of women’s education that doesn’t end in a prince. Lord have mercy, but Mercy Academy has a progressive view on women’s role in the world.”

For the full story: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/11/13/you-are-not-a-princess-mercy-academy_n_4268020.html?utm_hp_ref=women&ir=Women?utm_hp_ref=women&ir=Women


2 comments on “News: New school adverts tell girls there’s more than “happily ever after” (The Huffington Post)

  1. Sally Anne Corcoran
    November 18, 2013

    Love it!! As a “recovering Catholic” and an advocate for women I think this is a fantastic campaign! What a great school!

  2. Romy Kerwin
    December 1, 2013

    This is the best educational reform I have seen in a long while. Great innovation and so practical. Girls need to know that fairy tales are not the stuff of real life.
    Romy Kerwin

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