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News: Colombian Farc rebels launch new website for female members (BBC)

colombias-war-afpA new website has been launched by Colombia’s Farc rebel movement to give a voice to its female members.

This news comes as peace talks continue between the Farc rebel movement and the Colombian government in Havana, Cuba.  Farc are a leftist revolutionary movement that claims to represent the poor and has roots in Marxist ideology.  They have been at war with the Colombian state since they officially took up arms in 1964.  Talks are said to have created agreements on the area of land reform, but still have to go a considerable way to cover issues such as political participation and disarmament.

The launch of the new website, Farianas, aims is to provide a platform to celebrate revolutionary women and to dispel the myth that Farc’s female members are “victims” of their male counterparts.  The site offers downloads and suggested reading material on famous female revolutionaries, as well as leaders such as Rosa Luxemburg and Angela Davis.  It is claimed that the website will also fight for women’s rights in Colombia.

In its majority, Farianas features posts written by women who want to “reveal their daily rebel routine”, but also contains articles written by male contributors.  Farc commander Timoleon Jimenez called it a “beautiful adventure which deserves the support” of the Farc leadership.  The official statement read “We have decided to make our fight more visible, to reflect what we think and live. We aim to tell the small and big stories of our comrades in arms, as well as other revolutionary women.”

Let us hope that the efforts of these women do not go unnoticed in an armed struggle that has crossed five decades and claimed around 220,000 lives according to Colombia’s National Centre for Historical Memory, with thousands more internally displaced by the violence.

For the full story: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-24510335


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