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News: Project Unbreakable – 26 male survivors of sexual assault (Buzzfeed)

enhanced-buzz-16822-1379974435-1After posting the Jackson Katz article about how we need to involve men in the conversation of gendered violence, Female Report! received a number of questions about cases of abuse against men, as well as women.

Comments emphasized that men are also victims of sexual violence and in many cases of female abuse by males, the perpetrators themselves have previously been a victim of abuse.  In response to these insightful comments, today’s news article focuses on Project Unbreakable.  Initially, the project was a campaign against sexual abuse against women and featured 26 females holding up placards, quoting the words of their attackers.  The campaign was a huge success and was extremely revealing about the reasons abusers give to justify their actions; “it can’t hurt that much”, “come on, you like it” and “you know you don’t deserve better”.

enhanced-buzz-30406-1379974483-0However, this latest Project Unbreakable campaign features 26 brave male survivors of sexual abuse.  The powerful  images are just as much of a viral sensation as their female counterparts.  The campaign pays tribute to the diversity of abuse victims, with cases ranging from childhood to transgender abuse.  It also provides a method of communication for people who have experienced sexual abuse, many of whom have never told anyone.

It is important that in our efforts to end gendered violence, we do not fall victim to the assumption that gendered violence is solely about women’s stories.  To the contrary, men experience abuse too and if we can end the violence to both genders, it is hoped we can put an end to the cycle of abuse for everyone.

For the full story and photographs: http://www.buzzfeed.com/spenceralthouse/male-survivors-of-sexual-assault-quoting-the-people-who-a

For the Project Unbreakable campaign video:


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