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News: Does Bridget Jones represent anti-Feminism? (The Guardian)

bridget-jones-4Bridget is back and of course, she’s looking for love.  However, The Guardian’s Suzanne Moore says why she hates Bridget and believes she stands for everything self-indulgent about post-feminism.

Bridget Jones is known as the loveable, if not a little hopeless, character from Helen Fielding’s book series.  She is Ms Everywoman and was brought to life rather fantastically on the silver screen by Renée Zellweger – with an even more fantastic English accent.

The success of Bridget Jones in the 90’s undoubtedly came from women being able to relate to Bridget in her dieting, her search for love, her drinking and subsequent guilt about drinking too much.  This has accurately been recognised as the forerunner of hit shows like Sex and the City, shows where women could openly talk about sex and indulge in life, following advances in women’s rights throughout the 70’s and 80’s.

*Spoiler Alert*

However, Moore describes Bridget’s pursuits of weight-loss, love and drinking as “the most boring things in the entire world” and questions whether Bridget still speaks to women in the same way.  Slightly older now, in her 40’s and widowed with children, we’re about to see a Bridget who is looking for love having already found it in Mr. Darcy.  So what about this older Bridget is difficult to relate to?

bridget-jonesMoore claims that the constant indecisiveness over the good boy (Darcy) and the bad boy (Cleaver), the over-bearing parents and her ditziness, all collide to make Bridget an irrelatable calamity.  Female Report! argues that most human beings, especially in the West, have some experience with the pursuit of love and its pitfalls, as well as insecurities about one’s appearance and the odd alcohol binge and wonders how this couldn’t be relatable to viewers.

Furthermore, Moore states that Bridget is “the epitome of post-feminism – vapid, consumerist and self-obsessed”.  She believes that Bridget’s independence – a freedom granted to her over decades of feminist activism – is paraded as being able to get pissed with her friends and talk about sexual desires.  Well why on earth not?  Surely Feminism as about having the choice to drink and get “pissed” with one’s friends and the choice to talk freely about sex.  Women have lived long enough under criticism and expectation…give Bridget a break!

For the full story and more spoilers: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2013/sep/30/why-i-hate-bridget-jones


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