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News: Female senior police officer shot dead in Afghanistan (Al Jazeera)

Al Jazeera comments on the shooting of female Sub-Inspector Nagara who was shot in the neck outside her home whilst buying grass for her lambs on Sunday.

Sub-Inspector Nagara, like many Afghanis know by just one name, was considered to have been at the top of female policing in Helmand. Javid Faisal, a government spokesman, told Al Jazeera that “She was considered the most effective female police commander in the province and she believed her duty was the most crucial and most important for women in Helmand Province.”

This latest attack on senior female police commanders comes just months after Sub-Inspector Nagara’s predecessor, Islam Bibi, was also targeted and killed. Bibi had even told reporters that members of her own family had threatened her for undertaking the role. Although Nagara’s family and a number of fellow police officers were supportive of Nagara’s position, she did make report a number of threatening phone calls from men pertaining to members of the Taliban group.

The government spokesman told Al Jazeera that although Nagara’s family and friends were not threatened, extremists and insurgents are steadfastly against women’s rights and women’s independence in the country. Whilst it currently cannot be confirmed who is responsible for Negara’s death, the Taliban have been behind a number of recent attacks on Afghan females.

For the full story: http://www.aljazeera.com/news/asia/2013/09/201391682635895319.html



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