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News: An interesting new gender equality campaign…more “dong” on TV (College Humor)

chCollege Humor, the US creators of viral comedy video clips, have now turned their creative hand to an interesting gender equality campaign. Even though their goal first and foremost is probably to get a laugh, rather than achieve equality of the sexes, Female Report! thinks they have a pretty good point!

The video takes the format of four female viewers of HBO sending an “ultimatum” to the channel  and they have a “boner” to pick.  The women state that they are sick of seeing so many topless females in HBO’s hit shows, such as Game of Thrones and the Sopranos.  But instead of asking HBO to cancel all of their voluptuous extras, the women simply want to see more “dong” in return.  One girl even expresses her frustration that HBO screened a show called “Hung” about a man with an abnormally large penis which was never actually shot on camera.

The video shows the girls superimposed onto the sex scenes of some of HBO’s hit shows like True Blood saying “we don’t care if he’s an undead, demi-warlock, show us that magic wand”.  The girls round-up by offering a solution.  For every actress that “bears her bouncies but doesn’t even get a line”, they demand a minute of “grade A man meat”.  The women warn that if they have to continue to sit through what they call this “dumb double-standard”, they’ll boycott HBO… or at least stop watching the HBO that their parents pay for.

Here’s hoping College Humor have taken the very real issue of overdosed female nudity on screen and turned into yet another viral comedy sensation.

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